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Safari Activities Offered While at our Camps

We warmly welcome you into our family and our home; to share with you the beauty and magnificence of Uganda and feel the rhythm of Mother Nature and hear the calls of the Wild.We offer intimate riverine camps, rustic, yet sophisticated lodges and architecturally-stunning safari camps. All our properties are simple yet stylish with a great focus on highly personalised experiences.Every guest who stays with us can be assured that all our camps are situated in the very best locations within carefully considered prime game-viewing areas. We provide all our guests with a rich and engaging safari experience through the warm hospitality, and consistent levels of service and guiding that we are known for.In addition to offering you the very best safari experience, your stay with us contributes positively and directly to the local people and nature of Uganda.Our camps are located at Kibale Forest National Park-Home of chimpanzees (Primate Capital of the World), Semliki National Park- Uganda’s birding Haven and snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and Nguse in the oil region enroute to Murchison falls National Park- World’s Most powerful waterfall.

Each of these properties is unique in atmosphere and location but offers a great continuity when combined together in an itinerary. Have a read in more detail of what each property offers:


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